Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The End

At last, our Heroes face Demogorgon as he tries to stop them from destroying the master pearl. Liluth and Phaeriel scorch him with arcane powers, Leo and Kjutane protect their companions, while Boomadin and Lyandra cut him open with their blades.

Until with a final strike, Lyandra lops Demogorgon's heads from his body. As he lays dead, his power as a Demon Lord is stolen by Liluth, while his soul is taken by Iggwilv. The remaining Heroes destroy the master pearl, and depart the Abyss, ready to enjoy a well deserved rest.

* * *

And so even the mighty Demogorgon has fallen under the power of our Heroes. Many thanks to all the players for these great two years, here's to another many many years of high adventure and fun!

Here are some pictures of our last game:

Group picture, from left to right, Thomas (Leo), Marnix (Lyandra), Joeri (Kjutane), Raffaele (Boomadin), Fausto (DM), Giovanni (Phaeriel), Jay (Liluth)

Gift from the DM to the party

Gift from the party to the DM

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chapter 12 - Prince of Demons

The Heroes gather their forces and lay their plans for the invasion of Gaping Maw. After aiding in the taking of a beach in Demogorgon's realm, they must avoid demonic assassins and aid Orcus's legions on their march to Lemoriax, along the way lifting a magical effect that bars entry into Wat Dagon, the ancient temple that holds the master pearl capable of triggerring the mass savage tide. After fighting through Wat Dagon's defenders, the Heroes finally attract Demogorgon's attention. If they wish to stop the savage tide, the Prince of Demons must fall.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chapter 11 - Enemies of My Enemy

After releasing one of Demogorgon's ex-lovers, Shami-Amourae, from her prison in the Wells of Darkness, the heroes endured a brutal counterattack by the the Prince of Demons' forces that included a catastrophic redirection of the Ruver Styx. Enraged at this affront, Charon himself arrives not long thereafter to investigate and grants the heroes passage on the River Styx if they promise to punish Demogorgon for his audacity.

Using the River Styx, the heroes travel across the Abyss, Hades, and Arborea, recruiting powerful agents in the battle to come against the Prince of Demons. As their allies mount, though, Demogorgon grows concerned, and as the heroes near the completion of their task, he sends a force from his armies to deal with them. Assuming they survive, the heroes are now prepared to launch their assault on Gaping Maw.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Human Magic-user, Level 36

Together with her sister Lyandra and her brother Leo, Liluth has travelled into the Abyss to join the heroes in their quest against Demogorgon. She's a cultist of Malcanthet, and hopes to gain more power for herself and her mistress.


Human Druid, Level 36

Leo has travelled long years with his sisters, Liluth and Lyandra, and always opposes the unnatural. When Lyandra set her path on a quest against the savage tide, Leo gladly accompained her.


Human Paladin, Level 36

Having heard of the divine power of Kjutane, a fellow worshipper of the Light, Lyandra travelled into the Abyss to join him in his quest against Demogorgon, together with her sister Liluth, and her brother Leo.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chapter 10 - Wells of Darkness

The heroes travel to the Abyssal town of Broken Reach to consult with Red Shroud and secure a route to the Wells of Darkness, which leads them to the Well of Arlgolcheir, the prison of a fallen demon lord. They soon discover Shami-Amourae's well, where she refuses to help them until they free her. But the only way to free a demon lord from the Wells of Darkness is via the demon lord who created the prison in the first place.

This demon is Ahazu the Seizer, and his well can be found below the fortress of Overlook. After defeating the fortress' guardians, the heroes negotiate with Ahazu the Seizer to secure Shami-Amourae's release. Yet when they return to the Well of Debased Eros, a contingency put in place by the Prince of Demons opens a planar breach in the depths of the River Stix, diverting the legendary river into the well and unleashing a demonic assault on those who seek the forbidden knowledge. By rescuing Shami-Amourae from this assault, they can finally learn the truth about what Demogorgon intends to do with the harvested energy of the savage tide.