Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The End

At last, our Heroes face Demogorgon as he tries to stop them from destroying the master pearl. Liluth and Phaeriel scorch him with arcane powers, Leo and Kjutane protect their companions, while Boomadin and Lyandra cut him open with their blades.

Until with a final strike, Lyandra lops Demogorgon's heads from his body. As he lays dead, his power as a Demon Lord is stolen by Liluth, while his soul is taken by Iggwilv. The remaining Heroes destroy the master pearl, and depart the Abyss, ready to enjoy a well deserved rest.

* * *

And so even the mighty Demogorgon has fallen under the power of our Heroes. Many thanks to all the players for these great two years, here's to another many many years of high adventure and fun!

Here are some pictures of our last game:

Group picture, from left to right, Thomas (Leo), Marnix (Lyandra), Joeri (Kjutane), Raffaele (Boomadin), Fausto (DM), Giovanni (Phaeriel), Jay (Liluth)

Gift from the DM to the party

Gift from the party to the DM